Monday, August 5, 2013

Classroom jobs

Isn't it great when you have extra helping hands in your classroom! I love when my students are willing to help with anything they can but it can turn into chaos if you just let them do whatever they want. To avoid any conflict between students we agree on what jobs they will do. 

Depending on your class, you can let them choose what job they want to do or you can assign what you think will be best appropriate for each of them. If you let them choose you can start by giving them a job application in which they write three jobs they like and why they think they are good for it. That gives them choice and at the same time, they practice their writing skills!

Here are the jobs I created with a description of each. 

(click picture to get document)

Because I work in a Dual Language school and I have the bilingual part of it, my documents are usually in both languages. To display them, I made a poster that looks like an iPad and the jobs are the apps. I only glued the sides and bottom of the cards so a stick with the student name can go inside. Picture of that will be posted soon :) 

Hope you find these useful and that your students like them!

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