Saturday, July 27, 2013

Birthday gift for students

We all know how important students birthdays are (specially for them) and if you forget, they will make sure you remember all day long! I have always struggled to find a gift on a budget for each of my kids until I found an idea on Pinterest that I had to try. 

Your Cricut machine will come in handy for this project. I used the Geoge and Basic Shapes cartridge because it had the balloon shape I needed but if you have any other cartridge with balloons in it you can use it as well. 

You also need:
-Scrapbook paper in different colors
-Silly straws (got them at Party City)
-Bucket (to display your balloons)
-Glue and tape
-A lot of patience :)

Since I had 36 straws I decided to decorate them all and have some left for next year. While the Cricut was cutting the balloons, I made birthday signs to glue on the balloons. 

(click picture to get the document)

I also used the Cricut to cut shapes in solid colors and make the birthday sign pop out. 

Glue the birthday sign to the colored shape, then glue shape to balloon. Tape the balloon to the straw. You can also decorate the bucket. It takes time to complete 36 decorated straws but I know my students will love them!

What do you think? Do you give your students a gift for their birthday?

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  1. This is such a great/cute idea! I attach streamers to the students chair and hang some around the room to add an extra fun feel to the room.