Wednesday, July 24, 2013

DIY clipboard + bonus mini clipboard preview

Don't you love having nice new things for the beginning of school? I have always loved Back to School and the thrill I get by making my own things! Today I will talk to you about making a beautiful clipboard.

 This is what you need:
-clipboard (check your local dollar store)
-scrapbook paper
-letters (or you can make your own)
-ribbon (assorted)
-matte mod podge
-foam brush
-paper cutter & scissors

What to do:
First measure and cut the paper the way you want. You can do it with only one design or add top and bottom colors. Apply a coat of mod podge to your clipboard and place the paper. Use a card to make sure you have no bubbles.

Add top and bottom ribbons. Write your name at the bottom of the clipboard and apply a coat of mod podge to the entire clipboard. Let it dry! Don't worry if a couple of bubbles form; they will disappear when completely dry.

Finally add the ribbons and you are done!

Please check back tomorrow to learn how to make a mini clipboard for your sticky notes using leftover materials.

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